What Do 4 Week Old Kittens Look Like? 

What Do 4 Week Old Kittens Look Like?  1 - kittenshelterhomes.com
What Do 4 Week Old Kittens Look Like?  1 - kittenshelterhomes.com

What Do 4 Week Old Kittens Look Like?

Aww, 4 week old kittens are just the cutest little furballs! As my friend Susan likes to say, “That tiny ‘mew’ just melts my heart!” At this age, they’ve come a long way from the fragile newborns they were, but they still have a lot of developing and growing up to do.

Let me paint you a picture! At 4 weeks, kittens weigh around 1 pound or less. They are just wee little fluffballs, small enough to cradle in your hands. Their eyes shine bright blue as they start to explore their surroundings. Those tiny pink noses start sniffing everything in sight! They teethed on anything they could – shoelaces, fingers, you name it. And oh my, those minuscule tongues feel like sandpaper!

These kitties start moving around pretty well at this point, though they still have that adorable, awkward, wobbly walk. Like toddlers, they get the zoomies and chase after their siblings and toys. It’s hilarious to watch them pounce and tumble. They haven’t quite figured out how to retract their claws, either. Let me tell you, those needle-sharp tips will snag everything, including your best sweater!

At 4 weeks, kittens still rely mostly on nursing from mom or kitten formula. But they show great curiosity about solid foods. I’ll often catch them trying to steal licks of food from mom’s bowl. Sneaky little furballs!

Tracking Kitten Milestones: How We Got Here

What Do 4 Week Old Kittens Look Like?  2 - kittenshelterhomes.com
What Do 4 Week Old Kittens Look Like?  2 – kittenshelterhomes.com

It’s incredible to see how far kittens come in just 4 short weeks. Let’s rewind and see how we got here!

At 1 week old, kittens are totally helpless. They are deaf, blind, and can barely lift their little heads. All they do is nurse, nap, potty, and repeat around the clock. By 2 weeks, their eyes start opening to reveal that bright blue color I mentioned. But their vision is still very blurry.

Around 3 weeks is when the fun really starts! Their eyes open fully, letting them see their surroundings for the first time. They take those first tentative steps, though walking is pretty tricky with those oversized paws! Kittens start playing together, awkwardly pouncing and wrestling their littermates. It’s beyond cute.

Then at 4 weeks, kittens make huge strides, gaining more coordination and confidence. Now they actively seek out trouble, err I mean fun! Climbing, pouncing, swatting, teasing – they love discovering all the chaos their little bodies can create.

What’s Next in a Kitten’s Development Journey

While 4-week-old kittens have come a long way developmentally, they still have a lot of growing up to do. Here’s a peek at what the upcoming weeks have in store.

Over the next two weeks, kittens continue improving their motor skills. They’ll go from wobbly walkers to adept climbers and sprinters. You’ll see them chasing toys and each other with precision. Their baby teeth emerge, meaning plenty of play biting! Try wiggling a feather toy so they pounce – it’s great exercise.

By 6-8 weeks, those baby blues start fading, giving way to permanent eye color. Kittens shed their fluffy baby fur as their adult coats come in. Their cute little round bellies start slimming down. They show more interest in kitten food and litter box training.

At this point, kittens are usually ready for their new fur-ever homes! It’s bittersweet saying goodbye at 8-12 weeks, but so rewarding knowing they are off to loving homes. Sniff, sniff…they grow up so fast!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this virtual visit to the world of 4 week old kittens! Let me know if you want to hear more about what goes on during kittenhood. There’s never a dull moment with these furballs!

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