When do kittens become calm?

When do kittens become calm? 1 - kittenshelterhomes.com
When do kittens become calm? 1 - kittenshelterhomes.com

When do kittens become calm?

If you’re a new cat parent wondering when your hyperactive furball will calm down, you’ve come to the right place. Kittens are adorable but can drive you up the wall with their non-stop energy. In this post, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty on kitten behavior so you can better understand why they act like little monsters hopped up on catnip.

Decoding Your Kitten’s Craziness: What’s Behind All That Zooming?

Let’s start by getting into a kitten’s headspace. Essentially, kittens are like human toddlers – curious, playful, and lacking self-control. For them, running full speed into a wall or pouncing on your face when you’re fast asleep is just another fun game. While amusing at times, this extreme energy can turn your immaculately decorated home into a disaster zone real quick.

But before you pull your hair out, know that your kitten isn’t being deliberately naughty or hyperactive. Their high energy actually serves an important developmental purpose. You see, play is a kitten’s work. It’s how they build coordination, hone their hunting skills, and learn to socialize.

“For the first six months, expect your kitten to act like they snorted catnip laced with cocaine. This too shall pass.” – Cat wisdom from Fluffy, my very chill 8-year-old cat.

So try to embrace this crazy, playful stage. Trust me, one day you’ll miss having to disentangle your kitten from the curtains as they dangle precariously 15 feet above ground. For now, strap in and enjoy the wild ride that is kittenhood.

Kitten Growth Spurts 101: Changes to Expect as They Mature

When do kittens become calm? 2 - kittenshelterhomes.com
When do kittens become calm? 2 – kittenshelterhomes.com

As kittens grow older, you can expect them to gradually calm down and act less, well, psychotic. But kitten development happens in fits and starts, not overnight. To get a rough timeline, check out this general overview of kitten life stages:

The Toddler Phase (8 weeks – 6 months)

This is peak hyperdrive where kittens first begin exploring the big wide world. Expect non-stop zoomies, wrestling matches with your ankles, and using your face as a springboard at 3 AM. Lots of playtime and patience is key here.

The Teenage Phase (6 – 18 months)

Kittens start to gain some self-control but can still be quite impulsive – the feline equivalent of a rebellious teen. Make sure to give them constructive outlets for energy, i.e. puzzles, mazes, and training. And no, the drywall is not an approved scratch pad.

Young Adulthood (1 – 3 years)

Congratulations, you’ve made it! At this point, your cat is considered an adult. You’ll notice longer periods of calm and cuddly behavior instead of chaotic energy bursts. But remember, cats retain a bit of kitten-like playfulness their entire lives. It just manifests differently as they mature. An older cat is more likely to gently pounce instead of body-slamming the dog.

Managing Kitten Madness: Tips to Save Your Sanity

If your kitten is still in their hyperactive baby phase, try these tips to keep both your sanity and home intact:

  • Have regular, vigorous play sessions using toys that simulate hunting – wands, laser pointers, balls to chase, etc. This helps satisfy their instinct to stalk prey.
  • Consider clicker training. You can use this to redirect undesirable behavior into productive outlets like tricks.
  • Kitten-proof sensitive areas of your home and provide approved, enticing scratch pads.
  • Invest in sturdy cat trees, tunnels, and toys to give them a physical and mental outlet.


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