How Much are Kittens at PetSmart

How Much are Kittens at PetSmart 1 -
How Much are Kittens at PetSmart 1 -

How Much are Kittens at PetSmart

Hey friend! So you’re thinking about adopting a sweet little kitten and giving them a furever home? That’s awesome! As you probably know, PetSmart works with local animal shelters and rescue groups to have adoptable cats and kittens in their stores. It’s pretty cool that you can meet your new furry BFF while shopping for pet stuff! But you’re probably wondering—how much is this gonna set me back?

Well, get ready for some perfect news: Kittens at PetSmart generally cost less than $100 to adopt. The fees mostly fall between $65-90, depending on factors like age, health, and all that jazz. So pretty affordable, right? That cost includes the spay/neuter procedure, which can be crazy expensive at the vet! Major savings!

Why Adopt a Furry Friend?

How Much are Kittens at PetSmart 2 -
How Much are Kittens at PetSmart 2 –

There are so many pawsome reasons to adopt a kitten:

  • You’re literally saving a life and giving a kitty a second chance at happiness.
  • All shapes, sizes, ages, and breeds end up in shelters ― you can find your perfect match!
  • Adoption fees help the shelters and rescue groups keep helping more animals in need.
  • You skip the whole trying-to-sell-you-stuff thing that happens at breeders and pet stores.
  • That sweet bonded-for-life companionship, though!

I mean, come on, you know you can’t resist that little face! And by adopting, you get to be the hero for a furry little cutie.

Preparing the Perfect Home

Once you pick out your newest family member, you’ll need a few supplies to kitten-proof your home. Cat food, treats, a litter box, bed, toys, scratching posts…the basics to keep them happy and healthy. Pro tip: check out PetSmart’s supplies while you’re there adopting!

These things may cost anywhere from $50-150, depending on what you get. But trust me, it’ll be worth every penny to see that widdle face light up when you spoil them!

More Than Just the Upfront Costs

I’d be lying if I said adoption was the only expense. Food, litter, vet visits, toys…your new fur baby needs lots of care! Annual costs average $600-900. Plus, potential medical expenses if issues pop up.

But here’s a smart idea — pet insurance! Plans start around $20/month. It’s so worth it for the peace of mind and savings if (heaven forbid) your kitty gets sick or injured.

The bottom line is — adopting a pet means committing to their care for life. Make sure you’re ready for that amazing, rewarding, crazy journey before hopping in!

Finding Your Perfect Match

When you meet your potential new BFFs, spend time chatting and playing with them. Get a feel for those adorable purr-personalities! Ask questions about their health history too, so you know if they need any special care.

The PetSmart staffers can give you all the deets on the process. Just fill out an application, and soon, you’ll be heading home with a furry companion!

Caring for Your New Family Member

Once your kitten is settled at home, schedule that first vet visit for a checkup! Get their vaccinations updated and talk to the doctor about health specifics. Vet trips will be essential for keeping your furball happy and healthy long-term.

And don’t forget — training is important! Playfully teach them to use the litter box, scratch appropriate surfaces, and listen (kinda…) when you ask them not to gnaw your laptop cord. Socializing them young leads to an awesome attitude later!

Most of all, shower that little nugget of love with affection and quality time. Before you know it, you won’t remember life without your new BFF!

Support Furry Friends in Need

By adopting from PetSmart, you help get shelter pets into loving homes where they belong. Fewer homeless furry friends are suffering — that’s pretty awesome!

So if you’re ready to make a lifelong furry friend — and do something amazing in the process — head to your local PetSmart and check out those adoptable kitties. Your perfect match is waiting for you!

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