How Much Do Ragdoll Kittens Cost?

How Much Do Ragdoll Kittens Cost? 1 -
How Much Do Ragdoll Kittens Cost? 1 -

How Much Do Ragdoll Kittens Cost?

Hey there! As a proud cat dad of two rambunctious Ragdoll kittens, Mimi and Luna, I get asked a lot about how much it really costs to add one of these super snuggly furballs to the fam.

So I wanted to have a real talk with you about what you can expect budget-wise if you’re thinking about getting your own little floofster. From what I’ve experienced, it ranges from about $500 to over $1,500 just to start, plus ongoing expenses. I know; I did a double-take at those numbers, too!

But let me break it all down for you…

Initial Setup: Essential Supplies and Vet Visits

How Much Do Ragdoll Kittens Cost? 2 -
How Much Do Ragdoll Kittens Cost? 2 –

When my wife Kylie and I first brought home our kittens, we made sure to kit out (see what I did there?) our place with all the necessities ahead of time. Here’s a rough list of what we got:

  • Collars with name tags – Gotta get them suited up in style! We spent $10 each.
  • Plush kitten beds – These were about $25 each and were worth it for the endless kitten naps.
  • Cat carrier – This was around $45 for a nice, sturdy one.
  • Toys galore + scratching posts – I admit I went a bit overboard here, but they love their rainbow mice and feather wand (about $50 total).
  • Grooming supplies – We got kitten shampoo, brush, nail clippers, etc., for about $30.

And that was just the fun stuff! We also had to schedule their first vet appointments for standard things like:

  • Vaccinations – Two initial rounds of core vaccines were about $75 per kitten.
  • Flea/tick/heartworm meds – These were around $60 for the initial three-month supply.
  • Spay/neuter – This surgery is a must! Ran us $350 each.
  • Microchipping – For permanent ID, another $50 per cat.

Add in a few miscellaneous supplies like litter boxes, scoops, and some initial cat food, and our total startup costs were approximately $1,300.

And that’s all before bringing our fur babies actually home!

Monthly Expenses: Food, Meds, and More

Once you have your kittens settled in, the recurring monthly costs continue…we’re talking:

  • High-quality cat food – For two growing Ragdoll kittens, it is about $80 per month.
  • Grooming upkeep – Occasional baths, nail trims, about $35 monthly.
  • Preventatives/medications – Still giving flea/tick/heartworm meds, approx $40.
  • Health insurance premium – We pay $30 per cat per month for accident/illness coverage.
  • Litter restocks – Gotta keep that box fresh! Around $20 monthly.
  • New toys – Hey, toys get wrecked…need replacements! Maybe $15-20.

That comes out to $220-$235 per month in regular costs. And I didn’t even include the endless cat tree upgrades and fancy feather toys I buy “just because”!

Then annually, expenses pop up like:

  • Vet checkups – Yearly exams, bloodwork, etc., for which I budget $400.
  • Vaccine boosters – Another $150 annually.
  • Parasite prevention restocks – About $200 each year.

So, all said, first-year costs exceeded $3,000…but Mimi and Luna are worth every penny!

Choosing a Reputable Breeder

I’d be happy to refer you to the ethical, caring cattery we got our kittens from. When selecting a breeder, make sure to:

  • Tour their facilities – This gave us confidence in the conditions for mama cats and kittens.
  • Review health clearances – They should test breeding cats for hereditary issues like HCM.
  • Ask lots of questions! – A good breeder wants to find the best home for each kitten.

A great breeder will vet potential owners thoroughly, too. They become invested in the long-term welfare of every kitten they raise.


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