Guide to Catching Feral Kittens: A Step-by-Step

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 Guide to Catching Feral Kittens: A Step-by-Step

What’s up my friend! I know you really wanna help out some of those adorable yet totally wild little furballs running around out there. I feel ya. And catching feral kittens can be seriously rewarding, but lemme tell ya, it ain’t no picnic either. Those tiny critters can be tricky lil escape artists! But with some patience and the right gear, you can totally make it happen. Let me break it down for ya…

Why Catch Feral Kittens in the First Place?

 Guide to Catching Feral Kittens: A Step-by-Step 2 -
Guide to Catching Feral Kittens: A Step-by-Step 2 –

Good question! Look, life on the streets is rough for these kitties. Between starvation, diseases, predators, extreme weather, and getting hit by cars, their odds ain’t great out there. By rescuing feral kittens while they’re young, you give them a shot at becoming happy, healthy house cats instead of struggling to survive. Ya know, get ’em warm beds, full bellies, lots of cuddles and catnip…livin’ the good life! The earlier you catch ’em, the easier it is, too. Kittens under a year old adjust way better than full-grown ferals. So do it for the kitties!

Gearin’ Up for the Big Catch

First things first – ya gotta get the right equipment to catch these speedy little guys! Here’s the basic lineup:

  • Humane Traps: These cage traps will snag a kitten without hurting them. There are all kinds to choose from, but make sure whatever you get puts safety first!
  • Camouflage: Blend that trap into the surroundings so it looks legit. Add some leaves, grass, whatever. The more natural, the better.
  • Yummy Bait: A can of tasty wet food will lure those kitties right in. The smellier, the better!
  • Patience: You’re not gonna catch a feral overnight. Bring your A game and be ready to try, try again.

If you don’t have an actual cat trap, no worries! Put out a dish of irresistible grub and hang out nearby til the kitten starts chowing down. Then sneak up slowly with a towel and grab ’em gently but swiftly! Pop the li’l furball in a kennel or covered bucket and mission accomplished!

First Catch of the Day! Now What?

Woohoo, you did it! You caught your first feral kitten! Nice work, dude! Now you gotta help the scared little critter settle in. Give ’em a quiet, safe space like a garage or bathroom. Toss in some food, water, a litterbox, and the most epic cardboard box/blanket fort ever. Then walk away. Don’t crowd or stress out the kitty! Let ’em relax and realize you’re the nice human with the chicken nuggets.

Kittens vs Grown Cats – Easier to Tame?

Fo sho! The little baby cats under a year old will get used to people way faster than full-grown ferals. Trying to domesticate a wild adult is pretty much a lost cause. Stick to the kittens for the best results!

What Raising a Feral Kitten is Really Like

Catching the feral kitten was just step one. Now you’re committed to fully raising this little wild animal. That’ll take next-level patience, dude. We’re talking months before you can finally pet them! Just chill and let them adjust on their own terms. In the meantime, get your new fur kid to the vet for shots and all that good stuff. Then bunker down for the long slow process of building trust!

Pro Tips from the Feral Trapping Masters

So, by now, I’m guessing you got your first feral rescue mission under your belt! Nicely done, bud. But I know you’re just getting warmed up, right? I feel you. No better rush than catching kittens who need your help! So here are a few next-level feral trapping pro tips:

  • Stake Out Their Hood: Keep an eye on where the ferals run their game. Set traps on their usual paths.
  • Trap Circle: Surround extra tricky kittens with multiple traps so you get ’em coming or going.
  • Feline Lures: Play recordings of meowing kittens to draw out the shy ones.
  • Drop Traps: Try a big ol’ manually-triggered mesh box to catch super evasive ferals. Just watch your fingers!

Turning Ferals into Friendlies

Once you’ve gone all Crocodile Hunter and caught yourself another feral kitten, phase two begins – socializin’! Here’s how to turn that hissing wild child into a cuddle buddy:

  • Secured Kitty Condo: Set up an escape-proof kitten sanctuary, nice and quiet and chill.
  • Slow Intros: Hang out in the room with your rescued furball. Over time, get closer and closer.
  • Fun and Games: Break out the feather wand and catnip mice for some playing.
  • Soft Touches: Try some gentle petting sessions, just a few minutes at first, as they get comfy.

Healthy Kitty Checklist

A’ight, between catching, housing, and taming your feral rescues, don’t forget their basic care and keeping!

  • Dr. Kitty Visit: Get your new fur kid an exam, vaccinations, and the whole medical workup.
  • Dinner is Served: Provide nutritious grub on a consistent schedule.
  • Pretty Kitty Makeovers: Make sure the surroundings and kitten are freshly groomed.

Happily Ever After

Congrats, buddy! You put in the hard work, and now your feral rescue is blossoming into an awesome house cat! But the job’s not quite done yet…

  • Fur-ever Home: Either commit to keeping your kitty or find an adopter who will.
  • More Socializing! Keep exposing your cat to new sights, sounds, smells, and people!

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