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British Shorthair Kittens for sale

British shorthair kittens are one of the recognized kitten breeds, first thought to have been brought to Britain by the Romans. Prized for their soft, plush coats and rounded bodies, British shorthairs could almost be mistaken for living teddy bears.

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    I like the way my kitten was delivered to me,kitten shelter homes have a genuine way of making their customers feel so at ease that you feel like you are their only client.

    We did discussed the types of cats they have to offer and the type that I hoped to adopt. The agent was very detailed in explaining the entire adoption procedure. I felt deep in my heart that I had made the right choice for me.

    I was so happy the kitten shelter agent matched me with the perfect kitten and who answered all my stressful questions for so many weeks. I felt right at home with the warm, neat, and organized delivery. They agent made sure the was a care package gift full of food, toys, and treats which the kitten traveled along with. I had an amazing, unbelievable, and unforgettable experience with my kitten and I highly recommend kitten shelter homes if you are looking for the perfect kitten. I thank the agent from the bottom of my heart for everything she did to make this match made in heaven for me. And i’m so happyu to tell you that I love my kitten so much morethan anything.

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